Desk Remote Control

Easily control your height adjustable standing desk right from your Mac or iPhone. Use Siri Shortcuts to move the desk with just a tap or by asking Siri.

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Full remote control

Change the height of your desk, switch between sitting and standing positions right from your Mac or iPhone.

Sit less, move more

Spend less time sitting down. Set a reminder to alternate between standing and sitting every hour throughout the workday.

Hey Siri, stand up

Change the height of a standing desk with only a voice command. Create a unique voice commands for your favourite positions.

Desk Remote Control. Reminders preferences.

Beat a sedentary lifestyle

Our body is designed to move, so alternating between sitting and standing regularly throughout the day can promote a healthier lifestyle. When alternating between standing and sitting, posture changes and different muscle groups are used. The app has sit-stand reminder system that notifies you when it’s time to stand and can be completely customized to your work schedule. Set it and forget it.

Handy Keyboard Shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts to change the position of IKEA Idasen desk on the fly. No need to press and hold the button down until the desk has reached your desired height.

Desk Remote Control. Keyboard shortcuts.
Desk Remote Control. Reminders preferences.

Voice Commands

Add voice control to your IKEA Idasen desk. Just say "Hey Siri, stand up", "Hey Siri, sit down" or create your own unique voice command. Focus on your work, not pressing and holding up and down buttons.

And even more...

Support for multiple desks

It is possible to connect to 2 or more desks at the same time

Auto reconnect

The app automatically reconnects to the Ikeas Idasen sit/stand desk

Height calibration

For a more accurate display of the desk height

Rename the desk

Name the desk the way you want it displayed

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